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This resource store is available to health professionals, for the ordering of patient and health professional resources. Please ensure that you state your healthcare practice name / hospital in your address details. The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation track the volume and spread of resources for grant funding and audit purposes.

For any orders over the maximum capped quantity, please email: and we will be happy to provide quotes for printing.

COPD Action Plan (English) - 10 Pack

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This is a brochure containing a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Action Plan for doctors/prescribers to complete together with their patients/whānau. It includes actions to take for different levels of symptoms for COPD – from 'normal for me', 'I'm unwell', 'I'm very unwell' to 'emergency'. It also contains information about using and washing a spacer and instructions for what to do if feeling breathless.

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