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Asthma Action Plans & Symptom Diaries

Child Plans

The Child Asthma Action Plan is a self-management plan for prescribers and health professionals to complete and give to child patients and their parents/caregivers.  It includes how to use a spacer, how to clean an inhaler, and actions to take for different stages of asthma – from well, worse to worried.  The Child Symptom Diary is for prescribers and health professionals to give to their child patients and their parents/caregivers and is used in conjunction with the Child Asthma Action Plan. This helps parents/caregivers of children with asthma to change the child’s treatment as symptoms change, as shown in the Child Asthma Action Plan.

Adolescent and Adult Plans

Asthma Action Plans may be based on symptoms with or without peak flow measurements. They comprise of either 3 or 4 stages depending on patient and health professionals preference. In the 4 stage plan there is an extra step giving patients the option of increasing the dose of ICS (inhaled corticosteriod). The AIR plan is used only with the single ICS/LABA Maintenance and reliever therapy.

COPD Action Plans

The COPD Action Plan is for prescribers and health professionals to complete together with their patients and whanau.  It contains actions to take for different levels of symptoms of COPD from ‘normal for me’, ‘I’m unwell’, ‘I’m very unwell’ to ‘emergency’.  This action plan contains a breathlessness plan (to be used alongside the more comprehensive Breathlessness Strategies for COPD in Additional Resources below), as well as space to personalise the plan for oxygen and flow rate, and instructions for using a spacer

Guidelines and Quick Reference Guides

The purpose of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation Guidelines and Quick Reference Guides is to provide simple, practical and evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis, assessment and management of asthma or COPD  in a quick reference format.

Additional Resources

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